Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my blog! I created this blog to share my photography, poetry and art. Check in often. I’ll be uploading content on a regular basis.

Photographer, Artist, Author, Poet

Welcome! Come on in!

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m passionate about photography, food, art, adventure and travel. Thanks for visiting!

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About Me

Hey, I’m Sam. Previously a Locomotive Engineer, I became unable to perform my job due to some accidents at work. I’ve been searching for a new career for a few years. I’ve been interested in Art my entire life. A few years ago I became interested in photography and poetry as creative outlets. I feel like now is the time to pursue them as a new career. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and fiancé, I love writing poetry and taking pictures. I love to cook and often use it as a creative outlet as well. 

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